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At Babare Bros, we specialize in cultivating clams and oysters for wholesale distribution and select markets. Four generations of growing shellfish in the Puget Sound has provided us with a wealth of knowledge in aquaculture to build on. Our team works year round, through the challenging night tides of fall and winter, to provide a steady stream of fresh shellfish for our customers. We harvest the vast majority of our clams and oysters from Dabob Bay, where some of Washington's most pristine waters provide the ideal environment to sustainably grow healthy, great-tasting shellfish. 


Drew Babare, Owner/Operator

Hasan Aboutalep, Harvester/Delivery


The Babare Bros. name comes from Babare Bros. Shipbuilding, originally Babare Ship & Launch Builders. The shipyard was started in the late 1890's by Stephen Babare, who immigrated to Tacoma from Croatia. The business was renamed and continued by his two sons, Nick and George (the original "Babare Brothers") until they closed up shop in 1923. They primarily made fishing boats but also aided in the first world war by building large wooden cargo ships, most recognized for the 185' Elsie. George Babare went on to start Babare Oyster Co., based out of Tacoma with oyster beds in several locations throughout the Puget Sound, including Dabob Bay where we still continue his legacy today. George's son, Robert S. Babare, and grandson, Robert M. Babare, both carried on with their own respective shellfish businesses. In 2013, Drew Babare, son of Robert M. Babare, became the fourth generation of Babare's to commercially cultivate shellfish in the Puget Sound by forming the current Babare Bros. Shellfish Farms LLC.